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Crop Circle Magic_Patty Greer Return_2:28:19 #WOKE #Faith

"Crop Circle Magic_Patty Greer Return_2:28:19 #WOKE #Faith" Patty Greer returns to the internet with her best message yet after an 8 months hiatus, "Don't Forget Your Magic, Keep the Faith!" Mary Rodwell recently reminded Patty about her first "Contact" experience in 2001 when everything began. Immediately after their conversation all kinds of magical memories returned…
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Patty Greer Deciphers Crop Circle Spin 3/17/19

"Patty Greer Deciphers Crop Circle Spin 3/17/19"Published on Mar 17, 2019 "Patty Greer Deciphers Crop Circle Spin 3/17/19" After 10 years of wandering through the incredible UK Crop Circles and filming them from small airplanes with no door on my side… I began speaking on Crop Circles at UFO conferences and produced 8 UFO films…
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Patty Greer UK Interview on Reclaiming Perception with Jo Lomax 3/27/18

"Patty Greer UK Interview on Reclaiming Perception with Jo Lomax 3/27/18 "


Patty Greer and Jo Lomax talk about how crop circles are really made, well beyond the description most people have heard. Patty explained how most crop circles initially come out of the earth in counter rotating vortices of spinning plasma frequencies. She further explains that even human made crop circles can be real. The stories are very amazing and true, and after producing 8 films that received 8 prestigious awards, perhaps there may be something here in these volumes of actual experiences in the Crop Circle fields of Southern England - which appears to be the epicenter of crop circle documentation and deliveries. This is a riveting interview filled with a lot of new information on the subject matter of crop circles science, which includes spinning plasma frequencies within the spinning vortices. Footage is supplied to back up everything in her films!