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Journey to the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomena

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Apology from Patty Greer to Gaia, Inc.
Gaia update: Over the past several years I posted videos and other content on my website and on various social media platforms concerning Gaia, Inc. Many of those postings were critical of Gaia and its employees, and were either based on my own opinion or information I received from various third-parties (sometimes anonymously). Because I was ultimately unable to corroborate or confirm the information—which Gaia believed to be untrue and unfounded, and which Gaia vehemently denied at all times—I agreed to remove the postings related to Gaia and its employees from my website and social media platforms. As a result, the legal action brought by Gaia related to my postings was resolved. I sincerely apologize to Gaia and its employees for any confusion or harm that was caused by my postings.

Award Winning UFO Filmmaker

Patty Greer

Winner of 8 prestigious film-making awards including 5 EBEs at the International UFO Congress Convention, Patty Greer's Crop Circle Films are world-renowned.  Patty entered her first UK Crop Circles in 2006 and knew instantly that she had stepped into another dimensional reality.

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Crop Circle Diaries movie

Congratulations Patty!

Crop Circle Diaries received 2 EBE awards at the largest UFO film festival in the world, the 2017 International UFO Congress Film Festival for “Best UFO Feature Film” and “People’s Choice EBE Award.” These are important films for today's world!



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