Crop Circle Magic_Patty Greer Return_2:28:19 #WOKE #Faith

"Crop Circle Magic_Patty Greer Return_2:28:19 #WOKE #Faith"
Patty Greer returns to the internet with her best message yet after an 8 months hiatus, "Don't Forget Your Magic, Keep the Faith!" Mary Rodwell recently reminded Patty about her first "Contact" experience in 2001 when everything began. Immediately after their conversation all kinds of magical memories returned to Greer's dreams and waking hours from her Crop Circle filming days. Patty realized that she had almost forgotten about "The Magic" because life in general became so distracting! The message she was left with after the 2001 experience was this:
"It's not what You see… It's what You don't see.
It's not who You know… It's who You really are!"
This video is a Gift to Your Higher Self & A Loving Reminder to Remember Your True Magic & Keep Your Faith Alive!

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