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Orbs and Light Beings

Orbs and Light Beings


Orbs and Light Beings The Orbs and Light Beings Incident was a truly amazing night! Orange Balls of Light appeared over a UK Crop Circle! Also Australian Yvonne Scouller’s photographic account of thousands of ‘Other Dimensional Beings!”


Orbs and Light Beings   Some of the best Orb Photos in the world!

  1. The Orbs and Light Beings Incident was a truly amazing night!  Orange Balls of Light appeared over a farm field in the UK and stunned many people! Two men from Belgium said they saw  “Illuminated Light Beings with arms, legs and head come out of a Ball of Light.” Our interview took place a few hours after their experience. They were both red-faced and staring at the ground as if they were in shock. One man said, “My eyes don’t lie, it’s just my rational mind that tries to find a rational explanation!” The next day a man from Holland and a 6 year old girl from Belgium both claimed, "Orange Beings told them the Crop Circle wasn’t done yet telepathically!” Two more phases of that Crop Circle formation appeared a few days later.  A 4th group who saw the Orange Balls of Light were French and they said they saw them for sure but didn’t know what they were. What are the chances that a filmmaker would meet and interview 4 different groups of people in different parts of Southern England who ALL had the same ET experience in the same location on the same night??
  2. The second story introduces Yvonne Scouller from Australia and her stunning photographic account of thousands of ‘Other Dimensional Beings.” It appears that her property is a doorway to other worlds. Yvonne has taken more than 800,000 photos with 11 different cameras, shooting morning, noon and night, and her archive is entirely over the top!

Orbs and Light Beings - 58 minutes

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