The Vexatious Lawsuit Against Patty Greer was Dismissed 12/14/18

District Court, County of Boulder, State of Colorado 1777 Sixth Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302 (303) 441-3744 DATE FILED: December 14, 2018 CASE NUMBER: 2018CV30757 􏰀 COURT USE ONLY􏰀 Plaintiff: GAIA INC vs. Defendant: GREER FILMS LLC; PATTY GREER ROCHE Attorney(s) for Plaintiff: LESTER HOUTZ Attorney(s) for Defendant: MEGHAN MARTINEZ Case Number: 18CV30757 Division: 2 ORDER…
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Laura Eisenhower is a Powerhouse on Facebook!

"Laura Eisenhower is a Powerhouse on Facebook!" Laura Eisenhower Misogyny is pretty rampant in the UFO community and it is sometimes a symptom of a Luciferian minded person. To hear that some folks in my field who are men have expressed hatred in regards to me behind my back -- seems pretty sick. The name…
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