Patty Greer and Alfred Lambremont Webre Discuss PLASMA and Crop Circles 1/20/17

Patty Greer and Alfred Lambremont Webre Discuss PLASMA and Crop Circles 1/20/17.   Our 2nd Roundtable went live January 20, 2017 with Patty and Alfred on THE REAL DATA of PLASMA AND CROP CIRCLES #2.

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Nice show review: "

"Last night after April and I ate dinner we both were tired and were
looking forward to an early night to bed. We began watching Alfred
Webre's interviewing of you at the link in your newsletter and we were
so captivated that we watched the entire interview straight through. So
much for an early night to bed!

It is so wonderful to see you in this interview and to get to see your
depth and strength in a way that is implicit within your films but not
as clearly overt. To see you just share spontaneously with Alfred with
no script, as distinct from the scripted films, really packs a wallop of
a punch. We both were so enthralled by your expression and are so
grateful to be on the receiving end of this interview with Alfred. You
are the Real Deal! I resonate very strongly with everything you said. I
got no red flags in any way and actually got green lights on all fronts.
I am so inspired and grateful."

Our upcoming Roundtable Series includes 4 Amazing Luminaries February through April :  Ralph & Marsha Ring (spaceship designer), Doug Linman (Liquid Solar Power inventor), Bogdan Majkic (Advanced Technologies inventor), Searl Aerospace (magnetic energy device). It's All About Evolution January - April 2017!

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