Crop Circle Ecstasy – Complete Collection Set

Crop Circle Ecstasy – Complete Collection Set


Crop Circle Ecstasy – Complete Collection Set by Patty Greer Films. Award winning filmmaker Patty Greer offers a crash course in UFOlogy in a box! 12 discs of illuminating movies and music expose the real Crop Circle science that’s been suppressed for decades! This 2016 collection set includes everything Patty Greer has produced to date.


“Crop Circle Ecstasy” – Complete Collection Set offers 12 Discs including:

8 Full Feature Films & 4 Original Music CD Soundtracks in a Box
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The Movie Collection includes:

1) “Crop Circle Diaries" Greer's most astounding experiences in more than 100 UK Crop Circles & The Real Science!

2) “Women of Today" Introducing 33 Amazing Wise Women & Their Medicine

3) “The Shift Has Hit The Fan” Connecting Free Energy Technologies to Crop Circle Messages.

4) “Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call." Received 4 Prestigious Awards - Exposing 30 Years of Incredible Crop Circles

5) “Orbs & Light Beings” The Most Amazing Collection of Orb Photos Yet - Guaranteed!

6) “2012 - We’re Already In It” A Thought Provoking Medley of Interpretations of Ancient Wisdom & Mayan Prophecies.

7) "UFOs, ETs, Abductees & Brilliant Minds" 29 Illuminating Interviews with Top UFO Researchers, Backstage & Personal

8) "The Wake Up Call - Anybody Listening?" Blatant Evidence Proving that Crop Circles Are Real!

PLUS 4 Original Music CDs:

1)  “Autumn Glow”

2)  “The Deeper Dance of Night”

3) "The Wakeup Call Soundtrack"

4) “The Wake Up Call - 2  Soundtrack"

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