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Episode #9 Patty Greer – Stop Film Fraud by ufotv and tim crawford!      

"Episode #9 Patty Greer - Stop Film Fraud by ufotv and tim crawford!"                                                                                                                                    Is it Class Action Lawsuit Time??

Patty Greer UFO Exposure #9 features the incredible fraud, copyright infringement and BAD business practices of tim crawford and ufotv.

After losing his rights to sell Patty Greer Films at the completion of a money losing 8 year distribution deal where Greer netted 66 pennies per month on average, Greer is drawing the line and asking the public and other filmmakers to join this war against conscious media and UFO programs - to take our power back from these deceiving non-distributing suppressive companies!

This video features embarrassing screenshots  and evidence of illegal and disrespectful behavior by tim crawford and ufotv. He lost his rights in 2015 and was reminded again in 2016 by a 2nd lawyer due to ignoring his "cease and desist" document. He continues to sell Greer's films today, September 2017 on his website! The law doesn't appear to effect him, perhaps exposure will.

Is it time for a Class Action Lawsuit considering this has become a regular conversation filmmakers are having today? His recent check for $4.49 pennies bought him this video. Enjoy it tim, you deserve the recognition!

HEY FILMMAKERS: Is is time??

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Crop Circles are Creating Super Seeds!

Crop Circles are Creating Super Seeds. After visiting more than 100 UK Crop Circles and producing 8 films I believe I understand how Crop Circles happen and why they are important for humanity. 
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Randy Maugans and Patty Greer on Off Planet TV Pt.2 – Crop Circles and Beyond 8/12/17

Randy Maugans and Patty Greer on Off Planet TV Pt.2 - Crop Circles and Beyond 8/12/17

Thanks Randy Maugans & Off Planet TV,  your audience is wonderful!

Published on Aug 12, 2017

Randy Maugans with special guest, Patty Greer  


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Film maker and researcher, Patty Greer talks to Randy Maugans in this second part of a two part show, about her career in researching and experiencing the crop circles of the UK. 

We focus on the work Patty has shared with Penny Kelly, who worked in the laboratory for 16 years with William Levengood, a renowned biophysicist, who published extensively on advanced crop circle technology, 

Both the exquisite mystery (crop circles were also called "faerie circles" in lore); and the implications of advanced plasma theory play out in Greer's crop circle narrative. The implications for humanity, of advanced energy ("free energy"), solutions to hunger, as well as healing and wholeness; all play out in the realms beyond the crop circles.

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