You Are Free TV – Crop Circle Plasma Technology and Patty Greer Films 5/3/18

"You Are Free TV - Crop Circle Plasma Technology and Patty Greer Films 5/3/18"

You Are Free TV  -  Published on May 3, 2018

Why is Gaia, Inc., a popular UFO/Disclosure TV network based in Boulder Colorado, which produces the Contact in the Desert (CITD) conference, burying true footage of Crop Circles and Crop Circle plasma technology?  Patty Greer's crop circle films are the real deal.  They show grass-roots true footage of crop circles as well as footage of rotating plasma vortices laying down perfect, ornate, complex symbols and messages in unbroken wheat and other grains in Southern England.  At a time when humanity is waking up en masse to learn of the Break Away civilization's suppression of life-saving, planet-saving advanced Tesla-type technologies, why would Gaia, Inc., a supposedly disclosure-positive organization, not be widely distributing these incredible films??

Please go to and rent or purchase Patty's films today, and see for yourself, what is being hidden by the Disclosure Deep State.

You Are FREE!  FREE the Crop Circle Films!

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Thanks for supporting you are free TV!  It is time that humanity learn the truth about the incredible earth-sourced technologies that are already developed and can transform our lives if they are finally released from the clutches of the occult-obsessed control freaks who comprise the cabal spider-web of deceit and destruction

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