UFO Movie Premier : Orbs and Light Beings from Patty Greer Films

UFO Movie Premier : Orbs and Light Beings from Patty Greer Films

World Premier movie screening for "Orbs and Light Beings" on Sunday February 19, 2012 at 7:00 PM at Shine in downtown Boulder Colorado. This is one of the most amazing ORB photo libraries of all time. This alone makes this movie a MUST SEE WONDER!

ORBS are plasma energy and they are very real, especially to those who are willing to see them. Patty Greer and Yvonne Scouller are two women who see them often, and work with them all the time. This movie offers one of the most impressive archives of Orbs and Tubes of Light in the world, guaranteed! Presenting first hand stories only by real ET Contactees - This is a promise from the film maker.

Our first story is about 4 different groups of people from three different countries who saw Orange Balls of Light appear over a Crop Circle in England on July 29, 2010. Each of them claimed to have had a telepathic communication with the Balls of Light that night. They were all totally stunned by their sightings and had full recall of the event.

Two men from Belgium saw Illumined Light Beings come out of a Ball of Light! The interview took place just hours after their experience and they were still red in the face and in shock. Another man from Holland and a child from Belgium both stated that the Beings informed them that the Crop Circle was not done yet. Two more phases of that Crop Circle appeared within days! A group of French people witnessed the Orange Balls of Light as well that same night, and were interviewed.

What are the chances that a film maker would meet and interview four different groups in different parts of Southern England within 24 hours?? The photos are ALL authentic.

The DVD includes an additional story about an Australian contact, Yvonne Scouller. She has amassed an exceptional photographic collection of ET beings and lights that use her property as a doorway to other worlds. She’s taken more than 800,000 photos with 11 different cameras during morning, noon and night over the years!

58 minutes of over the top visuals!
Stream the movie for only $5.00 or buy a DVD


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