Women Of Today Movie Review by Dr. Lana Marconi 2016

Dr. Lana Marconi MOVIE PICK:

I just watched a beautifully directed movie by my friend Patty Greer in Colorado called "WOMEN OF TODAY" featuring a stellar cast of ladies who each remind us to celebrate and honour being a woman and I wanted to let you know about this wonderful film. One of the experts, Laura Eisenhower, whose great grandfather is Dwight Eisenhower, 34th President of USA, shares a fascinating story in the film about the Mars colony.

Ladies, round up your girlfriends and have a movie party watching this film and celebrate yourselves! (I will bring the popcorn, lol.) You'll be inspired with courage, strength, self-love, creativity, brilliance...and much more. Thanks to Patty Greer for producing another important, consciousness raising documentary.

Please share the film with all your women friends.

Women Of  Today :  Talented, Illuminating, Brilliant! At first all I saw was their beauty...

Not a movie to be taken lightly the “Women Of Today” will empower & inspire women around the world. (Men will smile) Award winning filmmaker Patty Greer focuses on a silent element of our present reality long forgotten. Rising like a phoenix around the world, Wise Women & their Medicine are back! As one of the greatest underlying secrets of human evolution, their wisdom & true magic are unmatched. Like acupuncture points around the world “Women of Today” heal in all directions. They share remarkable wisdom on how to move gracefully through these trying times with unlimited compassion. We are in the greatest shift ever in human Evolution - know it or not - Your expanding consciousness has never been more important!

Although the filmmaker claimed this was her first “Non-UFO” movie, 3 of the women are involved in the Mars Mission personally! You’ll meet 33 unique women and be fascinated.

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