The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening? – from Patty Greer Films


“The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?” by Award Winning Filmmaker Patty Greer

Daunting Stories About First-Hand Encounters with the REAL Circlemakers!

If you can’t get to England to experience the Crop Circles for yourself, let us take you there now. Steeped in spiritual history and sprinkled with ancient sites, Stone Circles and Crop Circles, this area is laced with magic and wonder! It's no surprise the Circle Makers would choose this canvas to create so many Crop Circles every summer. You will hear seasoned Croppies, Druids, Keepers of the Stones, researchers and farmers offer daunting stories about their first hand encounters with the REAL Circlemakers. Enjoy viewing the Crop Circles from the air and then go deep within the Crop Circle formations to understand the immense power of their size and mystique. Appearing all over the world for centuries, they may be the first ET communication that humans can physically see. Might they be encoded with subliminal messages for humanity? Keys of wisdom perhaps?

Watch shocking footage of a Crop Circle being created by Illuminated Balls of Light that communicate just before the wheat swirls down in seconds!

Sensitive people explain feeling body tingles and a feeling of euphoria inside the Crop Circles. The hair stands up on their arms and they get goose bumps from head to toe. Cameras and cell phones often go dead, while magnetometers and pendulums register higher frequencies inside the Crop Circles more than outside of them.

Many questions are answered in this 77 minute documentary that is filled with incredible Crop Circles images from the past 30 years. The award winning musical soundtrack is performed by seasoned Crappies who take you on a mesmerizing journey.

With no make up, no hairdos, no BS and no scripts you get the straight story from true Croppies! Something mysterious is going on around the world and we want to share it with you now! Don’t you REALLY want to know?

Featuring: Janet Ossebaard, Bert Janssen, Patricia Cori, Palden Jenkins, Charles Mallett, Bearcloud, Nick Ashron, Terry Dobney, Tony Hughes and Patty Greer.

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DVD = 58 minute movie