The SHIFT Has Hit The Fan – By Filmmaker Patty Greer on PBS CPT12 12/30/15

"The SHIFT Has Hit The Fan" by award winning filmmaker Patty Greer will screen on PBS (Colorado Affiliate CPT12) on December 30th at 8PM - and again throughout 2016. This is great exposure for Disclosure and they are running the full 90 minute version!

Program Details

"The Shift Has Hit The Fan" connects the worlds of clean free energy to the Extra-Terrestrial presence on earth. With an impressive array of brilliant sources they define the daunting secrets of our unspoken reality and recent history. Patty reveals subjects not discussed on TV or in the daily news. The film exposes untold realities that have enveloped humanity for eons. Today those old truths are breaking down and solutions are appearing. The filmmaker suggests we passing into a new era of conscious humanity and advanced technologies that don't include: gas & oil, fracking, or war. Will this shift in human awakening heal the planet and everything on it in record time? Have we become an unstoppable evolving species? We think so! This movie takes you back in time to a very memorable event when ETs communicated with humanity through TV's across England in 1977! And we forgot. "The Shift Has Hit the Fan" is an evolutionary journey focused on solutions that are available today: Clean free energy, Zero point technology, water cars, 3D printing, ample organic food, clean water, healthy forests, and honest humanity once again. Filmed at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference & Roswell UFO Festival & featuring some of today's most evolutionary speakers!

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