Bravo! Bravo! Thank you!! Thank you for creating your movie, Crop Circle Diaries. I love it! Throughout the movie I received tingles and chills in my body. This is my confirmation of truth.

I have watched Crop Circle Diaries again, while paying closer attention to it than when I watched it the first time a while ago, and I found it to be the most informative crop circle film I have ever watched, especially from the scientific point of view. GREAT JOB!! Penny Kelly was wonderfully articulate and educational and brought out so much information, and I loved your sharing your experiences of seeing and hearing from Dr Levengood after he had left this plane.

The film is wonderful, and I am so pleased that you have followed your passion so successfully! You are a great spokesperson for the crop circle mystery.

Speaker on Crop Circles/UFOs, has visited more than 2,000 Crop Circles! Crop Circle tour guide, author