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Sacha Stone and Patty Greer Interview on Crop Circles for New Earth Nation – Review

New Earth Institute’s Sacha Stone speaks with veteran crop-circle documentarian Patty Greer on the mysteries of the crop-circle phenomenon for the New Earth Nation.
 This is a fascinating show!!! https://www.newearthnation.org/ https://www.facebook.com/shares/view?id=10203347313939009&overlay=1&notif_t=story_reshare Review: "This is by far the best, most concise discussion of Crop Circles to date.  I salute both of you for the manner in…
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Patty Greer on New Earth Nation Leaders Webinar 6/7/14

Patty Greer on New Earth Nation Leaders Webinar 6/7/14 A Sovereign State of Being: Setting your Heart & Mind Free  Andrew Bartzis, the Galactic Historian hosts a powerful panel of speakers including, Sacha Stone, founder of New Earth Nation, Patty Greer, Margot Anand, Laura Uplinger, and Rebecca Cope. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB6nS8Vf-rk  
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