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Reviews of Patty Greer Crop Circle Science Video Series 2017

Reviews of Patty Greer Crop Circle Science Video Series 2017

(Photo :  UK Crop Circle - circle of friends includes Patty Greer, Sacha Stone, Hope Girl and her mom Valerie and others from the QEG free energy team - 2014)

Ian Clark

You are an absolutely wondrous soul and I love your work.  The way you are dealing with adversity from 'the powers that were' is just a joy to behold and hopefully something more of us can learn from.  <3  :-


Awesome that you have offered this for free Patti,  you are making a tremendous difference, changing the paradigm


Hello Patty Greer! Well you have captured my attention and I’m directing my friends & fellow researchers to take a look at this. Thank you for the wealth of information!

Heaven On Earth Sacred Music

Amazing info; to have it intentionally supressed is actually a red flag itself... having been in formations for over 16 years myself, I really get what she is saying, and having an interest in whatever info we can get on Agartha, Inner Earth and ancient civilisations that had to go underground (to avoid cataclysms on the surface of the Earth), what Patty, Levengood and this batch of researchers are saying totally resonates with me.... yes, it's wake up time!

Jaarly Ayo

Patty - you are awesome awesome awesome!!! We are with you all the way. The waking up of HUmanity cannot be stopped. Sending Love, Love Love.

Alysen Vasold Woody

Amazing information . . .when you mentioned that Crop Circles are made from the inner earth I was shaken to my core!  Finally the Truth!!

Athney Spaull

Thank you for this incredible Truth.. you have awakened in me the resonance I am receiving from Spirit and the inner information about Gaia's shift to 5D.. You are so well-informed on these crop circles coming from under the ground and it now makes so much sense to me.. bless you for your courage and determination to prove your Truths. This is so awesome!

Lynne Hoft

Thank you for staying the course. Your work is essential for all of us.


("Anti-Real UFO Material")..."We Love it"...Thank You Patty...for speaking your truth and with such Clarity, which most will Not reveal nor Acknowledge... because the industry turns away from real Truth-ers...the actual Contactee Messengers, whom are the actual Universal Representatives from, and for the Universal&Divine Hierarchies(Councils of Light) with their positive and loving Messages and Hope and Preparedness for the future of Humanity....(Not the Doom&Gloom Liars)...Nor the showmen that throw fancy Words, mixed with Bits&Pieces Truth...heavily sugarcoated and intermixed w.absolute lies and deceptions, in a way of making their silly menagerie sound almost believable...especially to those seeking fantastical outcomes and technological gifts from supposed Alien Saviors...whom will change our entire reality, just because a glitzy showman continuously said so(on stage) throughout a recent 4-Day Conference...which actually disclosed a few truth givers...along with outright story tellers and absolute Liars whom get away with their deceptions because they have many books on partial truths... and No true Gifts...but All in All, You are one of the Good Guys, whom w truly Respect, as we always look forward to seeing and hearing You speak about your latest discoveries, and your personal thoughts and opinions from your higher Spiritual Heart and Soul Patty...and we truly respect You for who you are, and about your true purpose and path...our dear friend and sister Patty...!!!

Hoping that some day you might be in our area and could be our drop-in guest speaker at our San Diego UFO Society...!!!

Peace and Blessings to You and your Loved Ones Always: Patty~

William(Juno/Atman)&Alma(Atma) Roehing~***

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