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We Want Our Planet Back – Music Video From Patty Greer Films

We Want Our Planet Back - Music Video From Patty Greer Films

We Want Our Planet Back" Original Music Video is the theme song for the movie "The Shift Has Hit The Fan" from award winning film maker/musician Patty Greer. The movie connects UFOs and Crop Circles to Free Energy technologies that will help us evolve very soon.  

"We Want Our Planet Back"  is a message from the Children, Plants and Animals of Earth. From the Nature Spirits, Oceans, Mountains and Skies they come to us while there's still time! This song is a journey offering solutions for the Collective Mind.
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Featuring Joe Jogerst on accordion + Patty Greer on piano    Vocals - Mark Oblinger + Patty Greer

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Patty Greer Music Video – Harp and Harley Davidson

Patty and her Harley riding buddies Tina and Gretchen ride their motorcycles through the Rocky Mountains in this beautiful music video of “Love Heals Everything” which was written and performed by Patty Greer The song is from her CD, ‘The Deeper Dance Of Night’ available on the website. Greer is a pianist, harpist, singer and…
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Patty Greer Music Video, May Peace Prevail On Earth

"May Peace Prevail On Earth" is a wish that most of us living on Earth have. A group of Japanese Spiritual Masters set out on a mission a few decades ago to spread Peace all over the earth by planting 8' tall Peace Poles with 4-sided messages of bringing Peace to Earth and all living creatures. They planted them in every country and on every continent. Patty Greer was asked to bring Colorado into the collective consciousness by finding 7 different cities in her state of Colorado to plant these Poles as acupuncture points that are connected to all of the Peace Poles on Earth - through the pyramid crowns on the top of the poles. All of the Peace Poles were planted with sacred ceremonies that included one of the Spiritual Masters and a common prayer was always said at every ceremony in every country : May Peace Prevail On Earth. May Peace be in our homes and our communities. May all our missions be accomplished. We Thank Thee Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits." Patty Greer was deeply moved by her experience and wrote this song as a tribute, bringing in children from all over the world to join in and sing the chorus.
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David Lucas Reviews Patty Greer Movies and Music

"Patty is a major influence on the arts and a multi-talented person. Her film making is brilliant and on the cutting edge. As a singer, songwriter and musician, she has always inspired me. There are few people who have achieved so much in a lifetime. Her integrity, energy, imagination and fearlessness is to be admired."…
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