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Patty Greer Interview with Elza Kosmicki – Wellness Wednesday KGNU Radio 11/15/17

Patty Greer Interview with Elza Kosmicki - Wellness Wednesday KGNU Radio 11/15/17


Patty thanks for a great show - part one live on KGNU
Part 2 will air in two weeks*
Here is the archive FULL interview:

Elzabieta Kosmicki CBP BAT LMT

Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Qi Gong & Yoga Instructor

Integrative Licensed Bodywork Therapist 

Patty Greer Interview on The Conspiracy Show 11/12/17 The Suppressed Truth, & Crop Circles

Patty Greer Interview on The Conspiracy Show 11/12/17 The Suppressed Truth, & Crop Circles

Richard welcomes back the crop circle girl to discuss her crop formation research which reveals two balls of light in communication with the consciousness of mother earth.  Crop circles leave more evidence than any UFO phenomena, with biophysical changes observable in the plant nodes.

GUEST: PATTY GREER is a prominent UFO filmmaker who produced 8 full feature UFO films in 10 years that received 8 prestigious awards, includng 5 EBEs at the International UFO Congress Convention. Her films offer unrelenting evidence and explosive footage of Crop Circles being produced by spinning Plasma Balls of Light. Greer’s conclusion after producing 8 UFO films and working closely with Penny Kelly, the REAL lab partner of the great scientist William Levengood for the final 16 years of his life, is that Crop Circles are produced by counter-rotating spinning plasma vortices coming out of the earth - Not from the sky! The spinning plasma vortices are layered with specific frequencies with distinct boundary conditions including earth frequencies, water frequencies, sometimes human consciousness frequencies (when people pray or meditate for a Crop Circle message), and sometimes ET frequencies, but not necessarily all of them in every formation. Crop Circles appear to be intentional pre-planned messages that are not accidental and certainly not all fake!

Greer’s 8th film, “Crop Circle Diaries” presents footage where “balls of light” create a Crop Circle in seconds in both England & France! Greer’s movies were filmed in the epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomenon in Wiltshire England, UK and feature ONLY the real Croppies who frequent these stunning formations year after year. Greer is intuitive and telepathic which is how she co-produced the films with ‘Other-Dimensional-Beings’ without training or research or a team.


Crop Circle Researcher Filmmaker Patty Greer Reviews 2017

"Your crop circle work is monumental with respect to the contribution it will make to the many souls seeking answers outside the cabal's evil efforts of suppression and slavery.  After listen to Alfred Webre's webinar on 10-26-17 you are definitely a person of interesting background and a soul worth knowing.  It was fascinating to hear…
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