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Patty Greer on The Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett

Patty Greer on the Conspiracy Show With Richard Syrett - Nov 6, 2016

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GUEST: PATTY GREER entered her first UK Crop Circles in 2006 and knew instantly that she had stepped into another dimensional reality. The energetic buzz was extremely strong, giving her tingles and goosebumps from the enhanced electromagnetic field. She loved the sensations and returned to the UK in 2007 and 2008 for 9 weeks each summer. She visited the Crop Circles day and night and was completely blown away by the end of each season. She returned again in 2010, 2011, and 2014 with cameras and has produced 8 full feature films to date.

On an early August morning in 2007 Patty entered a Crop Circle formation near Sugar Hill in Wiltshire England. She nestled into the warm wheat in the center of the pattern and passed out. When she ‘woke up’ her vision was incredibly acute and her hearing remarkably improved. She felt different, recalibrated in fact, and saw things moving across the sky that she had never seen before! It took her a while to realize that she had just had an “ET Contact experience.” And it wasn’t the first time…

With no training whatsoever in filmmaking she hired a film crew to shoot a day in the Crop Circles with her “Croppy” friends. She brought the footage back to America and hired a man on Craigslist to help edit the film. At the end of the edit Patty had a clear telepathic communication offering proof that Crop Circles were a real phenomenon. She did what she was told and discovered a binary code between two spinning plasma balls of light as they produced a Crop Circle in seconds – in the famous Olivers Castle film footage from 1996!! The discovery was solid proof, and that’s how she ended her first film: “The Wake Up Call – Anybody Listening?” (This is the footage that “famous funded people” claimed was fake!)

Within 2 years of her ET Contact incident Patty produced 4 full feature films on her own in record time. The films received 6 prestigious awards quickly, including 3 EBE awards at the International UFO Congress Convention.

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