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Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call – Movie is Marvelous!

Review By Casca "the ancient" This review is for: Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call * Best UFO Film+Best Music EBE Awards. The DVD is excellent. You can see excellent views of these marvelous phenomena. If you are new to CC this will bring to you the updated pictures. Patty Greer is one…
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Patty Greer Wins 2010 GAIA Award at Moondance Film Festival

Moondance Film Festival honors Patty with the Gaia Award on Sunday September 26th, 2010 in Boulder, Colorado for "Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call" movie. Moondance GAIA Award : "This award is to encourage and inspire contemplative, meditative, spiritual and inspirational films and scripts. The award is presented to the person who seeks…
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