Review for: Crop Circle Update – The Wake Up Call

5.0 out of 5 stars - Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call, February 5, 2012 By Biscuit Barrel

This review is for: CCrop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call - Best UFO Film+Best Music EBE Awards (DVD)
I absolutely LOVE this documentary. The many crop circles shown in the film are beautiful and very intricate in detail. The scenery of the English countryside is beautiful as well. This film is very well done and really makes you think about what is happening in the world that many are possibly not even aware of. A Geometric Language with messages to those who choose to see them? And who are the Authors? There is a bit more light shed on the crop circles phenomena in this particular documentary that were fascinating to me. This is one of the very best documentaries I have ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Beautiful and thought provoking.

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