Movie Reviews for Patty Greer’s 2012 – We’re Already In It

Many filmmakers try to capture the essence of the crop circle phenomena and usually with mixed results. This is where Patty Greer breaks leaps ahead of the pack and takes the far lead with her beautifully crafted documentary on 2012.  She not only documents the phenomena, she also captures the loving essence of the beings who no doubt create them, as well as their enlightened messages to us. On a scale of 1-10, this is a 20-12!
Marshall Masters - Cut to the Chase Internet Radio

"Patty Greer is a filmmaker who kindly sent me her new movie for viewing prior to our radio show. I must admit that it totally blew me away.  I've seen several movies about the subject from 2012 to 2013, peopled with the usual "experts."  This was entirely FRESH!
It offers an uncompromising look at the "dark agendas" of the world's elite, (shadow government), eloquently and briefly touching upon these subjects. It was done so perfectly that it created a viewpoint from a balanced and higher perspective.

The filming was beautiful, if not awesome. There is so much more; it was wise, intelligent and uncompromising. The material on the Mayan Calendar and 2012 was excellent, with the emphasis that we are IN IT NOW, as we all know! Most of the commentary had to do with our awakening to remember Who we are, and a return to full consciousness.

I've watched it twice already and plan on sharing it here in my home with friends many more times!  This is by far the BEST movie yet on this subject.  I look forward to whatever Patty is coming up with next, as it will certainly be worth experiencing.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this movie! "

Lance White - 8/24/09 - "A Fireside Chat With Zany Mystic"

"Critically Acclaimed Masterpiece, July 22, 2009
Patty Greer's latest award winning documentary "2012: We're Already In It" provides a critical and timely wake up call that is both positive and unforgettable.

This is a brilliant award winning film that engages the viewer and provides guidance and understanding about where we are, and where we're headed on the way to 2012. Patty Greer blends her work on the phenomena of Crop Circles and uses her investigative expertise to document current events that offer hope over the gloom and doom associated with 2012.
This is a "Keeper" worthy of being featured on Discovery, The History Channel, and shown in local theaters nationwide."
Harry Drew CRS, Documentarion

"Patty Greer has really created a masterpiece in this work. She has such depth of vision and heart that she manages to help the viewer face the unknown with certainty and love for our planet - and others, we still have not remembered! It is an honor to be part of it.
Patricia Cori - Rome - 2009 - International Author

"This is such a brilliant film! I invited all of my friends over to watch it."
Brigitte Mars, Professor at Naropa University, author of The Desktop Guide to Herbal Medicine

"Prepare To Be Inspired! Quite simply, Patty Greer has offered a gift to humanity. Open your heart and be prepared to receive the gift. This is a masterful piece of work, beautifully filmed and scored with a divine message that comes straight from the heart.
2012 is beginning to take on a life of its own (i.e., just another commodity) as so much has been written and produced on the subject lately. Unfortunately, much of it completely misses the mark and only adds to the confusion and misinformation.
This is where "2012 - We're Already In It" really stands out.
This is an exceptional film, one which delivers the message about the transformation that is taking place - a transformation of consciousness. Hands down, this is one of the best films on the subject that I have seen. The individuals that were chosen for the interview segments were superb and their perspectives were illuminating. More importantly, it was delightful to see some fresh perspectives.
Purchase this DVD, watch it, share it with your friends and spread the message. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you will be inspired.
As the filmmaker says: 'Stop, Look...and Listen. Yes, WE ARE already in it!'
I'm so grateful, and thank you Patty for the inspiration!"
Shawn Tierney

"Patty Greer's "2012 - We're Already In It" is the 3rd movie that I have watched on the subject of 2012. It it by far the best and most enjoyable. Her approach is both very professional and very believable. I have ordered her other video "The Wake Up Call ~ Anybody Listening?" and can't wait to watch it."
Don Wallace

"StarDoves received a copy of Patty's Film and we can honestly say that her work comes to everyone clothed in the energy of the heart and offered with hope and light. These films are not thrown together with captivating titles to try and entice the buyer! They are masterpieces woven together with a passion for the truth and the desire to be of service to those who will watch them."
Dr. Raja & Prof. Moira

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