Recent Reviews for Patty Greer Films and Videos August 2017

Recent Reviews for Patty Greer Films and Videos August 2017

Some really interesting responses to my recent Youtube interviews and videos.

August 2017 Reviews:

1) Mike C. - Norway - About your experiences with supression and manipulation. This has been my experience ..... there is a spiritual law called the "Law of Confusion" according to the RA material. Relative to this law... if you deliver information that is very clear and without the inherent confusion - its like the voltage of your message is too high. They (the powers that be) do what they can to support messages that create confusion, distraction and mis-direction - and close down those that are honest and clear.

2) - Dear Patty Greer, I really impressed by your recent interview with Randy Maugans. Life has been really hectic lately, but that is no excuse for not reaching out to you earlier to tell you just how much I enjoyed your complete series of DVD's and mystical harp recordings. I love classical music, especially the Baroque Masters JS Bach, GF Händel, GP Telemann... I could go on. You have such a haunting, mystical quality to your playing. I will cherish "Crop Circle Ecstasy" for ever. Thank You! You have been spot on about the division in the "Truth Movement" and both Randy and Cara St. Louis have forced me to rethink everything about the people and key "Gatekeepers" who really do define "The Cult of Personality". I both respect and admire your ability to call these people out their beta sigma. I will try to make a dent in your crowdfunding project to raise funds. I am truly sorry for all the garbage you have had to put up with. I wish there was an easy solution to fix the problem. I now have a much better understanding of just how much income you have deprived of. When you see CG and DW become the lantern bearers of the Alternative Community it makes one almost physically ill to see the co-opting of entire Ufology and exopolitical landscape. This is nothing more than divide and conquer " Hegelian Dialectic" Skull and Bones garbage from Yale or "The Russell Trust". Niara was completely right about the "Consciousness" piece being totally suppressed. My final thought was how silly that the "Crop Circle" Centre in Wiltshire, England was so matter of fact in saying to you that "there is no longer any interest in the subject Matter. Wow, that is just complete rubbish. Please take care of yourself and thank you for that wonderful mantra. I have it completely memorized and have found it very comforting!  You Mean a Great Deal to Me, With Much Love RG

3) Rose N. - My view is that a few shows here and there exposing this stuff can maybe help people learn discernment - there are still many who are caught in the Corey Baade Big Blue Bird holographic psyop and who are avidly supporting Gaia. I see Patty differently - I'm a sensitive intuitive and can also read body language well. She doesn't display any signs of having an overinflated ego. On the contrary, she seems like a person acting organically, who is (understandably) frustrated at this big corp. who is trying to ruin her career and livelihood.

4) Peter D. - Patty Greer has brought forth valuable information in her research that affects us all. Open your mind to this enlightenment. Fantastic job Patty!

5) Anja V. - Sweden - THANK YOU Patty! I sooo enjoy this storytelling. I wonder if we met... Me and my husband were in Wiltshire too in 2009 for a conference. There was basicly one morning we had for other things and for me there was no question: I wanted to see a crop circle!! And sure enough: one appeared that morning near Silbury Hill: the wonderfull Maya Crown! When we walked up the track both me and my husband could feel the energy changing. He described it as "champagne bubbles" and for me it felt like a wonderfull, all fullfilling calm.... I'm trying to paint crop circles now... great adventure! Love from the South of Northern Sweden.

6) Skycladdlilith S.M. 

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