Patty Greer Presentation on Crop Circles at Contact in the Desert 2017

CITD Panel with Patty Greer, Richard Dolan, Linda Moulton Howe, Nick Pope

Patty Greer Presentation on Crop Circles at Contact in the Desert 2017

Photo: Contact in the Desert final night panel with Linda Moulton Howe, Patty Greer,Sen. Mike Gravel, Richard Dolan, Nick Pope, and the Ramseys. Hosted by Jimmy Church.

Patty Greer 2017 Presentation @ Contact in the Desert 2017 : Exposing the Hidden Science of Crop Circles

This talk and my film “Crop Circle Diaries” exposed the real science of how Crop Circles are produced and how they can help us today. The origin of Crop Circles is not what we were told, Crop Circles are coming out of the earth in spinning counter-rotating plasma vortices, they are not coming down from the sky! My films delve into the science of how Crop Circles really happen with actual footage of Crop Circles being produced in seconds by balls of light in both England & France. The ‘balls of light’ are actually spinning plasma at the base of a vortex of spinning plasma frequencies. 

After “Crop Circle Diaries” exposed this timely data I became the most hacked UFO filmmaker in history in 2016. Must be a pretty important movie! Crop Circle technologies have the ability to improve the world's food and biofuel supply immediately. By understanding the plasma effect on Crop Circle seeds the game changes and we can bring our organic food supply back quickly. The spinning plasma frequencies caused the seeds to grow              30 -400% more food and biofuel per plant, with up to 50% more nutrition  per seed.

“Crop Circle Diaries” just received 2 EBE Awards at the International UFO Congress Convention Film Festival for: Best Feature Film 2017 and The People's Choice Award. If you are curious about Crop Circles watch “Crop Circle Diaries” soon!

Last year David Wilcock introduced Patty on his CITD panel as, “Patty Greer has done videos and seminars and she is certainly one of the leading crop circle researchers, if not the pre-eminent researcher of our time!”

This year Jimmy Church wrote on social media “Patty hit it out of the park on our UFO Disclosure panel, but we knew she would.”

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