Patty Greer and Penny Kelly Blow the Lid Off Crop Circles with Alfred Lambremont Webre

Patty Greer and Penny Kelly Blow the Lid Off Crop Circles with Alfred Lambremont Webre 12/20/2016

Patty Greer’s 8th full feature UFO film featuring the Crop Circle phenomenon, “Crop Circle Diaries” came out this year. It hit with a bang by answering the big questions: YES Crop Circles are definitely real! You can see footage of balls of spinning plasma creating huge formations in seconds! Greer shows this happening in both England and France in the film. But what really sets this movie ahead is the secret weapon of Crop Circle science… Penny Kelly. Although the world has never heard of her, the late great scientist William Levengood had an unknown lab partner, Penny. Her mastery was intuition and consciousness and together they were an unstoppable team studying Crop Circle evidence and seeds and the effect that consciousness had on them. They studied pieces of the Roswell UFO craft at the lab, and worked together for 16 years. He passed away in 2013 and their work was so impressive that it got suppressed, much like Tesla’s. Greer is experiencing the same kind of treatment because Crop Circle science is so beneficial to humanity and someone appears to want it hidden. This show delves deeply into PLASMA AND CROP CIRCLES and it is mind-boggling!

So here’s the Punchline: The seeds inside Crop Circles grow 30 to 400% more crop with up to 75% more nutrition per plant. As we evolve this technology will be extremely important to help bring back our organic food supply. Penny Kelly is a wiz on the technologies and between these 2 ladies the information is massive! Patty Greer has visited more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally and Penny Kelly knows the science more than anyone else on earth today. “Crop Circle Diaries” weaves the wisdom & experiences of these 2 women who intimately understand Crop Circles!

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