Patty Greer Music Video, May Peace Prevail On Earth

“May Peace Prevail On Earth” was written and performed by Patty who is a harpist, pianist, singer, songwriter and award winning film maker. The bass man is Kip Kuepper. “May Peace Prevail On Earth” is an intention that most of us share.
A group of Japanese Spiritual Masters set out on a mission decades ago to spread Peace Poles all over the earth by planting 8′ tall printed poles with 4 sides of written messages; lines of their prayer for Peace on Earth. The poles are planted in every country, on every continent. Patty was asked to bring Colorado, USA into the collective by finding 7 different cities in her state to offer important locations to plant these poles. They are thought to be acupuncture points around the world, connected to other Peace Poles on earth through the pyramid crowns on the top of the poles. Most of the Peace Poles were planted with sacred ceremonies that included one of the 7 original Spiritual Masters. A common prayer was always said at every ceremony in every country, the same lines are written on the Poles.*
May Peace Prevail On Earth.
May Peace be in our homes and our communities.
May all our missions be accomplished.
We Thank Thee Guardian Deities and Guardian Spirits.”

Patty was moved by her experience and wrote this song as a tribute, bringing in children from different countries to sing the chorus for the recording and the video.

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