Patty Greer Interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio 4/25/2015 – Reviews

Reviews from listeners of the Coast to Coast AM Interview with Patty Greer and Richard Syrett on April 25, 2015  (Reviews Post # 1)

Here's a link to the show:


I awakened around 1 am and decided to lull myself back to sleep by listening to you on Richard Syreet's Coast to Coast radio show. I was enthralled by your reporting - how you voiced your PASSION, which sparked something of determination within me! Can't wait to view the pics of crop circles. Most importantly, I say, thank you, thank you, thank you, for bringing this info to the world. Will continue to follow your progress. In Oneness, Jean

I have been a committed Coast2Coast listener since 1994 and the legendary Art Bell!  I heard the entire 3 hours last night... it was delightful!  I have also known of the 'propulsion rotation' of crop circles for nearly 20 years now.  Art Bell had a Boeing aircraft engineer on in I believe 1997...
Many guests have verified the curious anomalies to anti-gravity propulsion designs developed by DARPA...
In crop circles... let's hope the world pays attention!                                      ~Joseph~

I fell asleep on the last hour, sorry - but your show was fantastic!!!  I too had pretty much written off crop circles from all the fake ones back in the 90’s.  But yours where you feel your hair standing up as you enter a real one sparks my interest back into researching more about them and checking out your films about them. I like the binary code messages you spoke of too. Thanks, Mark


DEAR Patty,
Just heard you on Coast to Coast, and just want to let you know that I fell in love with you! (Not in a creepy stalker way!) I love your energy and your fortitude, and am so grateful you were on this program tonight. I, too, know what it's like to be willingly and blissfully committed to messages that you believe are coming from another source. And I love that you are still amazed by it and relish it, even though others may think you're crazy! I love it! Thank you so much for your huztpa, you made my night. Cheers!  Kate


Patty thanks for your comments tonight. The one that stood up to me was "we already have the information, but the media doesn't allow it". My god, you are so right. I want so badly to see our world turn to truth. Thanks for what you do,  Jeff


I am extremely proud of you and the sacred work you have done and are doing! You have been a most willing instrument to help awaken humanity to spiritually evolve, you are providing a unique and splendid service to all. It is a service not only to humanity and Mother Earth but to the universe in all it's dimensions. God has blessed you and you have blessed God. Thank you again! - Colin

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