Patty Greer Crop Circle SuperSeed Technology Indiegogo Funding Drive 2017

Patty Greer Crop Circle SuperSeed Technology Indiegogo Funding Drive 2017

After visiting more than 100 UK Crop Circles and producing 8 films I believe I understand how Crop Circles happen and why they are so important to humanity.  Our worldwide food supply is in danger and I believe the technology happening in real Crop Circles has the ability to vastly improve our organic seed and plants yield quickly.       The technology and evidence are explained in the film “Crop Circle Diaries” that just received 2 prestigious awards at the International UFO Congress Convention: Best 2017 Feature Film EBE Award and the 2017 Peoples Choice EBE Award. We've got this! But we need your help to get the technology out to the masses!

My intention with this crowdfunding is to advertise and share these important films far and wide. To distribute them independently through educational systems, newspapers, magazines and TV ads catering to higher consciousness. I’ve done a number of radio interviews and appeared in 3 new UFO inde feature films last year.  I LOVE what I do and the adventures and of course what I learn in the fields. I have faith that we are close to a Great Shift in Human Evolution - and Teamwork will make a HUGE difference! As we raise our frequency to create a better world together WE WIN ~ So let's do this!

My thank you gifts for your generosity are my award winning UFO films, unique Limited Edition Crop Circle T-shirts, and custom UFO fridge magnets that I think you will love! Please check it out and donate if you can*


Can you imagine if farmers and families had a simple machine to place seeds on to create Super-Seeds? With enough funding I believe we can bring this technology to the public far and wide by creating William Levengood's machine to duplicate the frequencies producing Crop Circles. I know it works and we need YOUR support today.

Initially the funding will promote Patty Greer Films to the world, featuring the important work of the great scientist William Levengood whose research was suppressed for decades also. The data is far too important for humanity to ignore any longer. The suppression I've tolerated for years has been stunning! Clearly this science is VERY REAL!! 

Please support this technology movement by supporting Patty Greer Films today. I've been a public speaker in the US and Canada for many years on the subject of Crop Circles and New Paradigm Solutions. I'm all over YouTube on a variety of interviews and I am also doing my own shows on my Youtube channel now: Patty Greer Films. 

I care deeply about all of us, all of nature and other-dimensional beings. That is why I continue to persevere and do this work relentlessly with my eyes wide open.

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