Patty Greer Radio and UFO Movie Reviews 2016 –

Patty Greer Radio and UFO Movie Reviews 2016 

Judith Leopold months ago

Thank you. Patty is amazing. I was shocked myself, I thought crop circles come from the Galaxy - it is really something we all should research about. Thank you again.

barbara mcintosh4 months ago

What a delightful interview...I was intrigued (had never given crop circles a second thought) and laughed along with both of you!  Can't wait to see the movie, and the rest of your work Patty.  "May the Force Be With You".  Still smiling on this one Alfred, and I hope you have a BIG FANTASTIC BIRTHDAY!!  Warmly, Barbara

Dawn Rowan4 months ago

Patty I love your passion and your mission!  The ground crews are assembling (; You will be supported.  Thank you thank you. I will be ordering Women of Today and Crop Circle Diaries.  The Light is shining bright. Love and Gratitude, xo

Penelope Caine3 months ago

Thank You Patty Greer. You're my hero who just happens to be a Women! The Crop circles of the last 7 years ARE Astounding!!! Thank you for keeping the flame alive with your movies and your stories.

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