Patty Greer Spoke at New Thought Forum and Strange Things Happened!

Review of Patty Greer's Crop Circle Presentation:

Hi Patty, On behalf of The New Thought Forum I want to thank you for a compelling talk. It was Interesting informative, educational, and entertaining. You brought a new perspective to the crop circles. Seeing the balls of light communicate with each other was amazing. You have found a missing link in the puzzle of how the circles are made. You have forever changed the way circles will be looked at. This certainly opens the way for new research into the balls of light. It was all our attendees could talk about afterwards. Many of them thanked us for bringing something new to the crop circles. My hats off to you. Keep up the great work.

Now for another really interesting part of the night... My wife and I went for a late night snack afterwards. It was about an hour and a half after the talk as we were driving home this happened. We live out town and we have to drive thru two large fields. On one side is a corn field and on the other is a field of alfalfa. We come up a hill with trees on each side and then pop into the open with these fields on each side. Carolyn was driving and I was thinking about the lights when we came to the fields. Out in the alfalfa field I saw two lights : one near the road and one way out in the field I at first thought it was two tractors and then I realized the lights were too high to be tractors. About that time the one near the road starts moving toward us at a angle. As we pass it it flashes three times and they both go out. Talk about hair standing up, it was amazing! Wow, I could not say anything but Carolyn said they were thanking us for the talk. What a truly amazing night.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Franklin Carter
The New Thought Forum

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