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Movie Reviews for "Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call" movie by Patty Greer
5 Stars* Unequivocally the best video I have seen on the subject!

Paul Sperry, head of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE):
I went home and decided to watch your DVD while winding down over a glass of wine. Claude Swanson stopped by, so we both watched your stunning film. This is unequivocally the best video I have seen on the subject. I loved that little girl at the beginning asking her opening question. You had great photography (surface, pole and ultralight), caught the most provocative orb creation shot (are you absolutely sure that wasn't altered?), and you selected top notch interviewees. I liked the way you included shots of the interviews in the circles to provide context. I was also fascinated to see that camera on a stick revealing how you shot the circles above ground, but too low to be flying. Did you get to ride in that small airplane? You even wrote your own music. Do you have the software and skills to do your own video production? You are the "one stop shop" of production. The interviews by the trees reminded me of the ones at Avebury where I found the energy lines stronger than within the circle itself."
* My responses to his questions:
I had no pole with my camera, the tripod was at the peak of height.
None of the images were altered.
I flew and filmed from microlights for years to produce these movies. Fun sometimes, nauseating at times too!
I am now a "one stop shop" of production with the help of an excellent editor when I need assistance.

5 Stars* By Zen Benefiel on June 12, 2015
Patty has done some amazing work and deserves more exposure. Her work is passion-filled and professional. You should get your own copy!

5 Stars* By B. Johnsonon June 12, 2015
I absolutely love and appreciate all of the work you are doing to bring this information forward. Thank you for all you do! Namaste!

5 Stars* Beautifully done  By Sharon B
I learned a lot about the crop circle phenomenon from watching this movie, it was fascinating and lovely to watch. I was very impressed with how many of these beautiful and precise works of art the filmmaker was able to find and document. I am amazed that more people are not aware of how many are being created or the complexity of the mathematical designs.
Thank you Ms Greer for creating this information for us!

Crop Circle Update - The Wake Up Call

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