Lee Speigel Review of Patty Greer Talk – 2014 International UFO Congress Convention

Review of the 2014 International UFO Congress Convention Speakers by Alejandro Rojas & Jason McClellan from Open Minds & Lee Speigel from the Huffington Post. They shared their feelings about each speaker, and the event success this year.


(At 55 minutes & 74:30 minutes Lee Speigel spoke about my work)
“Patty Greer was the one that I was going to point out, but I already have. I really… I was just totally taken by… visuals! You know we’ve all seen Crop Circles, everybody has see them. Everybody has an opinion about them. But I just loved the fact that she showed me something NEW that really intrigued me. And kind of opened up that whole field just a little more for me.
I really appreciated that!”

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