Laura Eisenhower is a Powerhouse on Facebook!

"Laura Eisenhower is a Powerhouse on Facebook!"

Laura Eisenhower

Misogyny is pretty rampant in the UFO community and it is sometimes a symptom of a Luciferian minded person. To hear that some folks in my field who are men have expressed hatred in regards to me behind my back -- seems pretty sick. The name Gaia -- for a group that has nefarious things going on -- Isis connected to Terrorism and Sophia, the name of an AI robot, it is all to have control and power over the feminine and those days are over. If you don't have the willingness to harmonize, heal and balance with both genders within -- you will be stuck in an EGO game that has little regard for others and this goes for both sides. To hate anyone is bad enough when it is underserved -- but to be a part of a sick agenda, just really reveals you have no issue slowly becoming demonic, if you aren't already. Wake up some of you folks in the UFO community -- you messed with the wrong women in the WORLD, you can not stop the consciousness of the planetary body supporting the progression of humanity. The more you try, the stronger and louder we become and no one is scared of you, more disgusted. Lots of amazing conscious men in the community too of course -- they best know how much I appreciate them!!

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