Info-Whores – Patty Greer + Laura Eisenhower – Episode #1-11/29/17

Info-Whores - Patty Greer + Laura Eisenhower - Episode #1-11/29/17

Public speakers Patty Greer and Laura Eisenhower discuss what it's like being prominent female public speakers in UFOlogy today. They discussed how to move into divine relationships and create balance in our lives. They focused on solutions and moving forward, tools that work to move our intention and Ascension such as : Moldavia, Shungite, Orgonite, and the amazing healing oil C60 Purple Power. They talked about what it's like being targeted in a field so important by small minded well funded people. The ladies got down and shared a lot of important information for new paradigm thinking! 58 minutes.

Patty Greer - Award Winning Crop Circle films:

Laura Eisenhower -

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