GAIA TV IMPLODING, What’s Next? Part 1 – Sarah Westall, Patty Greer, Laura Eisenhower

"GAIA TV IMPLODING, What's Next? Part 1 -                                                        Sarah Westall, Patty Greer, Laura Eisenhower"

Sarah Westall  Published on Jul 12, 2018
Part 1: This episode Laura Eisenhower and Patty Greer rejoin the show to discuss GAIA TV and the failing organizations troubles. They describe the origins of the issues, the emails, lawsuits, and the now infamous letter sent by David Wilcock. This is a two part episode. Part 2 will be available soon. See more of Laura Eisenhower @ See more of Patty Greer @ Please consider supporting my channel and receive exclusive content at You can also see all past episodes, sign up for my newsletter, and donate via cryptocurrency or directly on Paypal @

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