Episode #10 Patty Greer – Energy Protection: Ritual, Moldavite, Orgone

"Episode #10 Patty Greer - Energy Protection: Ritual, Moldavite, Orgone"

Patty Greer Free Video Series #10 offers a powerful energy ritual for physical, spiritual and etheric field protection. It's easy to learn and a good one to know!

Patty suggests Moldavia as an excellent and powerful stone to wear for protection and other purposes focused toward Ascension. Patty speaks about Orgone, a combination of crystals and different metals and minerals mixed together in a resin to create powerful energy movers and protection devices. She shows an Orgone necklace and an Orgone dome that would NOT allow bananas to ripen for weeks!

Patty talks briefly about the incredible new healing remedy called Carbon 60 (C60) available at C60PurplePower.com. It's totally amazing!

These suggestions offer you great possibilities to strengthen your personal energy field as well as protect you from outside forces that are uninvited.

Patty Greer produced 8 Crop Circle and UFO movies (so far) that have received 8 prestigious awards. Check out her films at:


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