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Your generous support is needed TODAY to bring awareness to Crop Circles and PLASMA. Our recent film exposed so much that I had to re-build my website because the old one got hacked! Along with my Amazon account, vimeo account, YouTube and 3 credit cards last year. Why are they trying so hard to hide Crop Circle Science - as I know it? And why did they close our research center in Wiltshire England last year? I'll tell you why: Crop Circle technologies will greatly improve the world's food supply by understanding PLASMA Physics and Crop Circles. The spinning counter-rotating plasma vortices enhanced the plants and they continued to grow. The tested seeds inside crop circles grew 30 - 400% more crop per seed, including food and biofuel. Through repeated tests they also concluded that the plants produced up to 75% more nutrition per seed in the lab! The seeds grew when it was too wet or too dry, too hot or too cold, they became Superseeds* This was a phenomenal discovery by William Levengood and Penny Kelly who is featured in our newest film, "Crop Circle Diaries." The movie is packed with evidence that the world has never seen and data that the world needs to know NOW.

Onward and Upward my Friends ~ Please Support this Work with Generous Donations TODAY. XO