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“Crop Circles Diaries”   A Patty Greer Film  2016

“Crop Circles Diaries” weaves the stories & experiences of 2 women & a brave scientist who intimately understood Crop Circles. Coming from different aspects of experiencing the phenomena, they explain the masterpieces of art that have been left like sticky notes in fields around the world for centuries. Blending science and psychology and human experience you will soon understand Crop Circles on a whole new level.

The great scientist William Levengood discovered that spinning plasma vortices are producing Crop Circles. For the last 15 years of his life he worked with a brilliant (unknown) partner diligently in his lab. Nobody knew about Penny Kelly because she was humble & focused intently on their work: blending consciousness with science. Through repeated & relentless research & experiments they proved unequivocally that Crop Circle frequencies enhanced the seeds greatly within the Crop Circle formations. The plants hit by Crop Circle frequencies produced between 30 - 400% more crop - with up to 75% more nutrition per plant! Through the use of magnets & living plants they discovered that spinning plasma vortices were creating Crop Circles. These vortices contained a variety of different frequencies, each with distinct boundary conditions.

Then as usual in the field of UFOlogy… rumors were created & spread like wildfire through controlled media. Levengood’s work was debunked & suppressed for decades, yet he and Penny kept moving forward with their research. Penny explains the PhD rumor thoroughly and this will stun many people in the field who believed Levengood was a fraud. This is very good news for UFOlogy & humanity!

Greer explains how Crop Circles offer physical sensations that are energetically undeniable. “I get chills, goosebumps, and little hairs standing up on my arms from an enhanced electromagnetic energy field inside the Crop Circles.” After visiting more than 100 UK Crop Circles personally Patty believes that when sensations are this strong there are frequencies included from other dimensions; ET perhaps. Occasionally people have co-created Crop Circles through intention & group prayer, then a Crop Circle appears soon after as a confirmation. You'll see this in the movie twice. Almost all documented Crop Circles have been located over an aquifer of water - The epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomena is in Wiltshire England which sits over the largest salt aquifer in the world. Additionally most documented Crop Circles have been located on a ley line, which is a direct line between 2 sacred sites. Wiltshire has more sacred sites than anywhere else on earth per square mile, clearly these are keys to unlocking some consistencies.

With all the data put together they concluded that Real Crop Circles are coming out of the earth initially, and that many Crop Circles include human consciousness & ET frequencies, but not all Crop Circles do. Yet ALL of them come out of the earth initially in spinning counter rotating plasma vortices. This is a big one to wrap your head around, but think about it… The earth has been fracked in a massively unconscious manner & her blood has been sucked out & spilled with complete disregard for all living beings for decades. She is speaking to humanity very clearly now ~ We Must AWAKEN & EVOLVE immediately.

Urgent Scientific Conclusion:

Plasma is the basis of all matter & will soon be at the base of our new energy system.

When you get a new energy source at the base of your society, you create a new society.

Oil was at the base of the last one. Plasma will be at the base of the next!

Don't miss this film - It’s a doozie!

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