Crop Circle Researcher Filmmaker Patty Greer Reviews 2017

"Your crop circle work is monumental with respect to the contribution it will make to the many souls seeking answers outside the cabal's evil efforts of suppression and slavery.  After listen to Alfred Webre's webinar on 10-26-17 you are definitely a person of interesting background and a soul worth knowing.  It was fascinating to hear you talk about C60, orgone, crystals, dowsing with a pendulum and your separation from the world of the material.  All of which I am familiar with.  I have subscribed to your newsletter with the hope of learning more in the quest for real information."


"Patty, in this day of deception, you have become a beautiful source of Truth. You are a very amazing and intelligent woman of God. Thank you for Sharing. Much respect, RB"


"Just watched the film...fantastic job...I'll probably watch it again.

Thanks for your perseverance and dedication...  Barb"

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