“Crop Circle Diaries” Public Screening October 30 in Boulder Colorado

"Crop Circle Diaries" Public Screening October 30, 2016 in Boulder Colorado at Unity Of Boulder Colorado. This is one of the most important films that's come out all year! Sunday at 1:00 PM with filmmaker Patty Greer - Only $5.00 - DVDs available.  

This documentary  has a refreshing informality as Patty  Greer shares more of her personal story and what inspired so many of her insightful and stunning films  as she has researched this amazing, and for Patty  a life changing phenomenon. It also explores the  fascinating  work of Scientist William Levengood  and how he provided a fascinating and impressive  scientific approach  to  this phenomenon which refutes any question of  authenticity.  It leaves little doubt there are biological  changes to the crops after exposure to the frequencies from the circle makers.  For anyone who is fascinated by this phenomenon and seeks understanding from a personal and scientific perspective this film has it all.”

Always happy to support what you are doing Patty, you have done wonderful work in highlighting how important the Crop Circles are to humanity. Your dedication and understanding is inspirational

Love, Mary Rodwell  

Principal ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) 


Crop Circle Diaries: A Film Review By Alfred Lambremont Webre  May 22, 2016

“Crop Circle Diaries” by filmmaker Patty Greer is so ground-breaking that it is the first film I have seen that should be made into a science textbook for mandatory distribution with the film

”If you really want to get to the root of the crop circle phenomenon, you must see Patty Greer's incisive personal documentary Crop Circle Diaries. Here's a hint: it's not pub crawlers or space aliens! I do seriously thank you for your incisive work on crop circles. You have increased my knowledge on this subject."

Jim Marrs, New York Times Best Selling author of Alien Agenda

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