Check Out Our New Movie Trailer – Crop Circle Diaries

Check out our NEW movie trailer for:

Crop Circle Diaries

Chilling, Re-calibrating, Heart Pounding

That's what I feel in Crop Circles 

Forget what you've been told about Crop Circles & dig deeper!

Journey to the UK epicenter of the Crop Circle phenomena 

With award-winning filmmaker Patty Greer

"Contact" comes through an enhanced electro-magnetic 

multi-dimensional sensation.

Learn to listen, learn the secret of telepathic communication

Evolve your understanding in this illuminating paranormal movie.

Weaving the telepathic journey of Patty Greer & the Circlemakers 

With the wisdom of Penny Kelly, secret lab partner of the late great Scientist William Levengood for his last 16 years...

Your toes just might curl!

Coming in May 2016 at ~, Amazon, Vimeo & VHX

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