Patty Greer 2 Interviews on Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

Patty Greer 2 Interviews on Threshold Radio with Johnny Blue Star

SHOW 1 - Patty Greer- Crop Circle Mysteries - Threshold Premier Show - Part 1

Show 30: Threshold Radio on with Patty Greer and Johnny - Part 2

This is a two hour show featuring Patty Greer, one of the most exciting adventurers on our planet. Patty was a singer and songwriter, musician and composer- who because of a serious injury- basically left her career to explore the mysterious phenomena of crop circles. To this end, Patty turned to film making and has created 8 films so far presenting a still, largely unknown subject to a global audience. These crop circles go far beyond arbitrary geometric symbols but seem to indicate a conscious attempt to communicate with something akin to cryptograms. They also seem to be sites for establishing communication with those sensitive to the builders' minds and consciousness- an effort that Patty and others have attempted for a number of years, along with independent research on the nature and purpose of the specific configurations represented by each crop circle. How close are we to understanding the phenomena? Find out on the debut program of Threshold, a global media event.

Visit Patty's website at and order her amazing films and soundtracks, both streaming and DVDs.

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Crop Circle Diaries movie claims Oliver’s Castle Crop Circle Footage is Real!

Crop Circle Diaries movie claims Oliver's Castle Crop Circle Footage is Real!

Crop Circle Diaries - from Patty Greer Films - 7 Min clip
This 7 Minute Clip from "Crop Circle Diaries" features Patty Greer's Contact event and explains why she believes the Oliver's Castle footage from 1996 is Real!

“Crop Circle Diaries” is Patty Greer’s 8th and most important documentary film yet. “Crop Circle Diaries” just received 2 EBE awards at the largest UFO film festival in the world, the International UFO Congress Film Festival for “Best UFO Feature Film 2017” and the “People’s Choice EBE Award 2017.” Patty feels the big questions were finally answered on the Crop Circle phenomenon by exposing the suppressed scientific discoveries and the most advanced Crop Circle research to date with impeccable evidence from the lab of the great scientist William Levengood. The film features Patty Greer the experiencer and Penny Kelly who worked with William Levengood in his lab for the last 16 years of his life. First hand data from the lab and first hand experience from the Crop Circle fields brings you a punchline like no other film yet! This award winning movie explains it ALL in full… for those who really want to know!
The film explains how Crop Circles are coming out of the earth in counter-rotating plasma vortices, they are not coming down from the sky! Ultimate Punchline = The seeds inside Crop Circles grow 30-400% more crop with up to 75% more nutrition per plant. The seeds becomes Super-Seeds that can survive when conditions are too cold or too hot, too dry or too wet. This is BIG NEWS!! As new advanced technologies, free energy and ET technologies rollout on earth this will surely be one of the top technologies to assist with bringing back our organic food supply. “Crop Circle Diaries” also presents incredible authentic footage of plasma balls creating Crop Circles in seconds in both England & France! “Crop Circle Diaries” weaves the wisdom and experience of 2 women who intimately know Crop Circles. Reviews have been consistently stellar!

“Crop Circle Diaries” Film Reviews:

“Crop Circle Diaries” by filmmaker Patty Greer is so ground-breaking that it is the first film I have seen that should be made into a science textbook for mandatory distribution with the film, to:
All United Nations officials
All high school and university physics students
All elected public officials concerned with governance world wide Crop Circle Diaries is a clear and transparent bridge from the Era of Energy = petroleum/nuclear + explosions to the Era of Energy = plasma + consciousness. Crop Circle Diaries is an open invitation from Mother Earth to humanity from her intermediary, Patty Greer.
Alfred Lambremont Webre,, top international internet radio show host
“Crop Circle Diaries” movie review by Sacha Stone 6/22/17
“Patty Greer once again delivers a mind-bending, paradigm-altering glimpse into ‘real’ reality. She does so in her usual style, by side-stepping the subversive elements and narratives being promulgated within the alternative science and UFO scene. Greer is a veteran at this truther game and remains a force to be reckoned with. Long may she reign as frontiersman in disclosure by continuing to unearth the genesis and mystery of modern crop-circle phenomena.”
Sacha Stone
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We Want Our Planet Back – Music Video From Patty Greer Films

We Want Our Planet Back - Music Video From Patty Greer Films

We Want Our Planet Back" Original Music Video is the theme song for the movie "The Shift Has Hit The Fan" from award winning film maker/musician Patty Greer. The movie connects UFOs and Crop Circles to Free Energy technologies that will help us evolve very soon.  

"We Want Our Planet Back"  is a message from the Children, Plants and Animals of Earth. From the Nature Spirits, Oceans, Mountains and Skies they come to us while there's still time! This song is a journey offering solutions for the Collective Mind. - Patty Greer Movies and Music
Featuring Joe Jogerst on accordion + Patty Greer on piano    Vocals - Mark Oblinger + Patty Greer 

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Autumn Glow – Etherial Harp Music from Patty Greer

Autumn Glow - Etherial Harp Music from Patty Greer

"Autumn Glow" is the title cut from the Autumn Glow CD by harpist, pianist, singer, songwriter Patty Greer. Additional Vocals by Marguerite Juenemann, Mindy Sterling. Bass Kip Kuepper, Percussion Christian Teele, harp Patty Greer.

Top multi-dimensional Artist Erial Ali wrote:
One of my favorite songs of all times. Beyond the human realm into the archetypal heavenly spheres. Blessings!"

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