Patty Greer UFO Movie Reviews from Canada

Just wanted to let you know I have watched 2012 We are already in it, and Crop Circles The Wake Up Call, and enjoyed both films immensely. Can’t wait for more!

I am so impressed with the flow of both films, you make me feel right at ‘home’. I have actually watched them several times, because of how they make me feel. There is so little to watch on tv nowadays. No, I am not a ‘reality’ fan. And it seems that that is all there is to watch now. Your films are a much needed, refreshing burst of knowledge. You have stirred the wanderlust within me, and now there are so many places I would love to go in the world. It is my intent to get to England, seek out a crop circle, and lay within it.

I have shared your films with family members who found them just as fascinating and wonderful as I did. Thank You so much for all that you have done to bring these truths to light.

N. Makinson

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