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Sacha Stone and Patty Greer Interview on Crop Circles for New Earth Nation – Review

New Earth Institute’s Sacha Stone speaks with veteran crop-circle documentarian Patty Greer on the mysteries of the crop-circle phenomenon for the New Earth Nation.
 This is a fascinating show!!! Review: "This is by far the best, most concise discussion of Crop Circles to date.  I salute both of you for the manner in…
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Patty Greer Paranormal Research Forum Review

I really loved your enthusiasm for an incredible field of research-Crop Circles! Your attention to the details of the formations, and the insights to the meaningful representations are right on! You see and relate so much good information which, in my opinion, is based on the fact you are a first hand experienc'er because you…
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Patty Greer on Truth Warrior Radio 11/29/2014

Patty Greer and David Whitehead on Truth Warrior Radio in Canada. 11/29/2014 This was a great 2 hour show with Patty Greer and David Whitehead who will be together on the Modern Knowledge Tour across Canada in August 2015.  
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