Monthly Archives: October 2014

Patty Greer Interview with Krystalya on Radio

Patty Greer Interview with Krystalya on Radio Thank you for being a guest on Krystalya's show on A2Zen last evening!  I cannot believe how fast the hour went. It seemed as though we could have done a 2 hour show and still not had enough time.  Your interview was very interesting and enlightening. Here…
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Patty Greer Spoke at New Thought Forum and Strange Things Happened!

Review of Patty Greer's Crop Circle Presentation: Hi Patty, On behalf of The New Thought Forum I want to thank you for a compelling talk. It was Interesting informative, educational, and entertaining. You brought a new perspective to the crop circles. Seeing the balls of light communicate with each other was amazing. You have found…
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